“gift” to Armenian fauna from government

YEREVAN. - From now on in Armenia it is allowed to kill striped hyenas, deer, and pheasants, which are included in the Red Book, without paying any fines.

On Thursday Armenian government approved the proposal of the Minister of Environment Aram Harutyunyan to amend the bill "About the size of the compensation of damage to fauna and flora due to environmental violations," which will be submitted for review and approval by the Armenian parliament in due course.

The official website of the government of Armenia posted the bill, which proposes to remove the striped hyena, deer, and pheasant from the list, which informs on the fines for hunting / destruction of fauna. Current law provisions fine of AMD 1 million ($ 2740) for killing a deer, AMD 250 thousand ($ 685) for killing a striped hyena, AMD 20 thousand ($ 55) for killing a pheasant.

                                                                                   Samuel Avagyan

                                                                   August 19, 2011 | 01:03   News from Armenia-news.am   

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